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Though many people think that in these days of social media there is little need for a proper website, this theory can be a costly mistake. A well designed web site can offer you advantages that no social media account can come close to.

The Importance of a Website

There are a vast range of reasons for having a website

  • It gives you credibility, anyone can open a social media account at no cost. Investing in a website shows you are serious.
  • It’s cost effective. A website will cost most small businesses c. €100 per year in domain registration and hosting fees and about an hour in wages every week to create blogs etc. Most businesses spend at least an hour each day on social media. When you compare the costs including wages a website is the clear winner.
  • A website is permanent. On social media something posted more than a week ago, 2 hours or so on Twitter, has gone into the ether rarely, if ever, to be seen again. A website is a permanent testament to your business, your skills and the story you’re telling.
  • A website is inclusive. Each social media account you have is relatively exclusive but a website can help tie them all together and give a focus to your online presence.

Web Design

Our web design services offer a cost effective way to give your business a visible online presence. OUr web design specialists can custom design a website to fill your requirements, no matter if you simply want to promote your business, create an online exhibition or a research archive.

Concept Development Solutions want you take as much or as little control of your website as you want. We can simply design your website and set it up on your own host server under your personal web address giving you total control of your website or we can build, host and register your website on our own server. The choice is yours.