Exhibition Services

Concept Development Solutions offers a full range of Exhibition Services. Though aimed primarily at the arts, cultural and heritage sectors we can also help you with your commercial or private needs.

Exhibition Design

It is arguable that exhibition design is as important as, if not more important then, the actual content of any exhibition. Most exhibitions, no matter their purpose, are trying to tell a story and pass on information, the emotional response of the viewer is often vital in making this succeed.

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Audio Visual Production

The importance of Audio Visual presentations in exhibitions of all types cannot be underestimated and is growing constantly as the 'info-tainment' expectations of visitors grow.

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Project Management

Though often overlooked and underappreciated a project manager is often critical in ensuring the any project is completed successfully. Our project management team can help you ensure that your project, no matter how big or small, is brought to reality on time and on budget.

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Art Framing

The framing of pieces of art for an exhibition can have a huge impact on the impression they make with prospective buyers. Our art framing services can help you have a successful exhibition.

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Web Design

Though many people think that in the days of social media there is little need for a proper website, this theory can be a costly mistake. A well designed web site can offer you advantages that no social media account can come close to.

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Museum Case Design

The sourcing, design and manufacture of exhibition cases can be a very difficult and expensive proposal for museums and other visitor attractions of any size. At Concept Development Solutions we want to take the stress out of this process and give you the best possible product for your budget.

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