Museum Standard Exhibition Cases

The sourcing, design and manufacture of exhibition cases can be a very difficult and expensive proposal for museums and other visitor attractions of any size. At Concept Development Solutions we want to take the stress out of this process and give you the best possible product for your budget.

What Are Museum Standard Exhibition Cases?

If you have been charged with securing some new ‘museum standard’ exhibition cases for your attraction you have probably been doing some research online to compare your options. During this research you may have found a few businesses offering exhibition cases for sale and even more large museums offering advice on what constitutes a museum standard exhibition case. The problem I found is that most of the advice concerning exhibition cases is contradictory and none of the cases offered for sale come close to fulfilling any of the criteria.

Our Exhibition Cases

At Concept Development Solutions we have collated all the available guidelines from the major UK and US museums and used these specifications to form the basis for our own designs. Our cases are designed to prevent  VOCs, humidity, pests and viewers from adversely affecting artefacts on display.