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The Importance Of Exhibition Design

It is arguable that exhibition design is as important as, if not more important then, the actual exhibition content.

Studies show that most people who visit any type of exhibition will only ever look at a selection of the content. They will study the first two or three pieces or panels closely and after that interest can drop very quickly. The less engaged they are by their first experience of the exhibition the more quickly their concentration drops. It has been shown to be very difficult, if not impossible, to regain a visitor’s interest after it has been lost. This latter impression of your exhibition is also the lasting one for a visitor.

Good Exhibition Design

Good exhibition design is something that if done correctly should not be noticed. The best exhibition design is something that seems natural, as if there is no other possible way of doing it.

Exhibitions should be designed with a number of different criteria in mind. Firstly the ideal structure of your exhibition should be identified; this will almost always be compromised by the space in which the exhibition is to be housed. Secondly the points of interest and emotional hooks should be identified; these are the facts, points or concepts that will hold a viewer’s interest. These will be highlighted to help viewers understand the exhibition and the story it is telling. Finally the exhibition can be created, this part is dependent on the content of the exhibition and the story it’s telling, the space in which it’s being housed and the available budget.