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The importance of Audio Visual Production in exhibitions of all types cannot be underestimated and is growing constantly as the 'info-tainment' expectations of visitors grow.

These presentations can take many forms, from simple audio guides, to static video installations and on to interactive multi-media installations.

Audio Guides

There are three main options for allowing your visitors experience your venue using an audio guide.

The traditional way is to have your staff hand out hand or head-sets that allow visitors access to a pre-programmed tour; this system is very expensive to set up and can be difficult to update as technologies change.

The second way is to build a mobile app that visitors can download and install on their smart phone or tablet; this method is less expensive though once again can be difficult to keep up to date as technologies change, visitors can also be reticent to install an app for use in a single venue.

The third option is to host audio guides via your own website or a third party audio streaming services; this is the least expensive option and the one that allows the greatest control over your content.

Video Installations

While the traditional video installation isn’t hugely dynamic it still plays a massive part in any visitor attraction. It is essentially a short informative film that is displayed on a large screen in front of rows of seats. An easy way to enhance a visitors experience is to break up the story across a number of screens throughout your venue. This simple change increases the sense of discovery experienced by visitors.